March 2011
Chapter I: SplashChapter I: Page 1Chapter I: Page 2
Chapter I: Page 3Chapter I: Page 4Chapter I: Page 5
Chapter I: Page 6Chapter I: Page 7Chapter I: Page 8
Chapter I: Page 9Chapter I: Page 10Chapter I: Page 11
Chapter I: Page 12Chapter I: Page 13Chapter I: Page 14
Chapter I: Page 15Chapter I: Page 16Chapter I: Page 17
Chapter I: Page 18Chapter I: Page 19Chapter I: Page 20
Chapter I: Page 21Chapter I: Page 22Chapter I: Page 23
Chapter I: Page 24Chapter I: Page 25Chapter I: Page 26
Chapter I: Page 27Chapter I: Page 28Chapter II: Cover
Chapter II: Page 1Chapter II: Page 2Chapter II: Page 3
Chapter II: Page 4Chapter II: Page 5Chapter II: Page 6
Chapter II: Page 7Chapter II: Page 8Chapter II: Page 9
Chapter II: Page 10Chapter II: Page 11Chapter II: Page 12
Chapter II: Page 13Chapter II: Page 14Chapter II: Page 15
Chapter II: Page 16
April 2011
Chapter II: Page 17
May 2011
Chapter II: Page 18
June 2011
Chapter II: Page 19
July 2011
Chapter II: Page 20Chapter II: Page 21
August 2011
Chapter III: The Proposal Splash
November 2011
Chapter III: The Proposal Page 1


OMG! I just found this comic and im so so sad that it hasnt been updated in suck a long while! In my opinion you should start updating much more frequentlly! I love this comic so far and cannot wait to read more of it! Thank you for being so good at what you do! <<33

I hope this will get updated eventually; despite the beautiful art, I may just give up on it. I hope I don’t, though. I keep coming back once in a while to see if it’s updated, but I always get disappointed.

I love both of your art styles, and your story is quite interesting too ! So, will there be any update, or did you drop the story altogether?
Cuz we fans would very much like to know how that matter stands. :-)
Hope to read you again, bye !

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